Apply for a credit abroad without proof of income.

Applying for a loan abroad without proof of income is not that easy for ordinary people. So he can’t just go to a foreign bank hoping to get the big money.

Instead, there are special contact points for such lending to which interested consumers can turn. Above all, the credit intermediaries at this point. But above all it is important to exercise caution at this point.

What intermediaries should pay attention to

What intermediaries should pay attention to

Interested borrowers are increasingly asking themselves whether a brokerage of a loan without proof of income of this kind can be considered serious at all and whether there are not only black sheep in the brokerage.
There are plenty of fraudsters in the industry, but there are also competent contacts who keep their word. In order to distinguish serious from untrustworthy offers , it is important to consider key points as a borrower.

It is particularly important that arranging a loan of your choice should not require any costs in advance. About commission fees, although no work has been done yet. Furthermore, commission fees should only be charged by the intermediary if a loan is also obtained from abroad without proof of income.

In addition, the address data of the intermediary should always be checked, PO box details, which should replace normal addresses, should always be avoided. Intermediary offers, for which numerous insurance policies are to be taken out, are also often dubious.

What fees should prospective customers expect?

What fees should prospective customers expect?

Agents for loans from abroad mostly cooperate with Cream bank . The intermediaries clarify details together with the banking staff and naturally try to make the desired cash (without proof of income) accessible.

If an interested party decides to commission an intermediary to procure the loan, commissions are usually also incurred, which are intended to cover the intermediary’s costs and at the same time serve as a fee. These vary widely from agent to agent, but are usually calculated as a percentage based on the loan amount.

Borrowers should make sure that these fees are not too high. Because in addition to this commission, credit intermediaries usually also receive a commission from the lending banks, which is often very high.