Apply for a credit abroad without proof of income.

Applying for a loan abroad without proof of income is not that easy for ordinary people. So he can’t just go to a foreign bank hoping to get the big money.

Instead, there are special contact points for such lending to which interested consumers can turn. Above all, the credit intermediaries at this point. But above all it is important to exercise caution at this point.

What intermediaries should pay attention to

What intermediaries should pay attention to

Interested borrowers are increasingly asking themselves whether a brokerage of a loan without proof of income of this kind can be considered serious at all and whether there are not only black sheep in the brokerage.
There are plenty of fraudsters in the industry, but there are also competent contacts who keep their word. In order to distinguish serious from untrustworthy offers , it is important to consider key points as a borrower.

It is particularly important that arranging a loan of your choice should not require any costs in advance. About commission fees, although no work has been done yet. Furthermore, commission fees should only be charged by the intermediary if a loan is also obtained from abroad without proof of income.

In addition, the address data of the intermediary should always be checked, PO box details, which should replace normal addresses, should always be avoided. Intermediary offers, for which numerous insurance policies are to be taken out, are also often dubious.

What fees should prospective customers expect?

What fees should prospective customers expect?

Agents for loans from abroad mostly cooperate with Cream bank . The intermediaries clarify details together with the banking staff and naturally try to make the desired cash (without proof of income) accessible.

If an interested party decides to commission an intermediary to procure the loan, commissions are usually also incurred, which are intended to cover the intermediary’s costs and at the same time serve as a fee. These vary widely from agent to agent, but are usually calculated as a percentage based on the loan amount.

Borrowers should make sure that these fees are not too high. Because in addition to this commission, credit intermediaries usually also receive a commission from the lending banks, which is often very high.


Top 5 loans for 24 months

On the loan market, we can find dozens of companies offering installment loans. Installment loans are really one of the most frequently chosen products by people who need cash quickly.

Installment loans are a great solution when you plan to spend a lot of money. For example, refurbishing an apartment or replacing broken equipment, or car repairs. It is also a good option for those who are unable to pay their debts in a short time.

Online installment loans have a long repayment period and higher amounts, both for new and regular customers of the loan company. The person who wants to borrow must submit an application that is available on the lender’s website. Please provide your personal details in the application.

Installment loans for 2 years

Installment loans for 2 years

Most loan companies do not use Credit Checker, which is good information for people in debt or with a negative credit history. The lender must provide his personal data, bank account number, and telephone number or email address. Then you need to apply for a loan, pass the data verification and the money on your account will be transferred the same day.

In Poland, there are many non-bank companies on the loan market that grant loans in installments. Most products are available online without leaving your home. An installment non-bank loan is a product for those who need more cash than popular payday loans.

Installment loans are available in the amount of USD 100 to 25,500 for 2 years. Installment loans are available online, by phone and landline depending on how the lender works. A loan application can be submitted online, during a telephone conversation or during a meeting with a representative or a visit to a branch. Non-bank installment loans are addressed to persons with a fixed income from work or another legal source and can confirm the amount of this income.

The time to apply for a loan depends on many factors

The time to apply for a loan depends on many factors

Each of the loan companies accepts applications for loans online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, their verification may be delayed due to customer service hours. As well as in the case of the need to present a certificate from the employer, which may extend the time to receive the loan.

Installment loans are a good solution for those who want to borrow more cash for a longer repayment period. When deciding on a non-bank installment loan, you do not have to leave the house – you will do all the formalities online, and cash will appear on your account in several minutes.


A loan for various forms of employment

Are you going to apply for a loan and wonder what relationship exists between the loan and the form of employment? It so happens that this relationship will be the subject of this text. It is also worth emphasizing that maybe many people are not aware of the occurrence of such a relationship.

Types of employment forms


Since the subject of the text is the impact of employment on applying for a loan, it’s time to say about the possible forms of employment. It is best if we exchange all the possibilities at once.
The list of employment forms is as follows:

  • contract of employment,
  • contract work,
  • commission agreement,
  • an agency agreement,
  • management contract,
  • self-employment.

A contract for specific work, commission contract, agency contract, and managerial contract are civil law contracts (civil law contracts are most often used when the employer depends on the performance of specific activities or the implementation of clearly defined tasks).

It is also worth saying about how employment contracts are divided. Getting to the point – you can distinguish an employment contract for a trial period, a definite period, an indefinite period and a replacement.

What forms of employment are best for borrowers?

 What forms of employment are best for borrowers?

It is time to say about the relationship between the loan and the form of employment (as it was at the very beginning of the text). However, you have to start with something else – a careful analysis of the conclusions.

You can often hear that a given company focuses only on certain matters, but this does not necessarily mean a greater chance for a loan. Every time (the company does not matter) a thorough analysis is carried out.
The lender wants the loan not to be a problem. By the way, the borrower should depend on the same, but in practice, it can be different. It is also important to note that everything starts with broadly understood financial possibilities.

Returning to forms of employment, the best solution is an employment contract. It can also be noted that it is best if the employee has an indefinite employment contract. The lender is about a stable job situation.

Are you wondering what the situation looks like from the perspective of acceptable sources of income? Looking at the matter from this angle, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. What’s more, it may happen that the company accepts another source of income (even a scholarship).

Company or full-time – what’s better?

 Company or full-time - what's better?

Do you have any doubts? Are you interested in comparing an employment contract and running your own business? Self-employed people are a group that does not enjoy much trust. There is nothing to hide, it may seem quite strange – if I have my own company, I rather belong to a group of responsible people?

Let’s try to empathize with the role of lenders. Simply put – what do lenders care about? In a nutshell, what is now and what will be is very important. It can even be added that this explains the approach of lenders (self-employment = problematic representation of the present and future).
To sum up – an employment contract is tantamount to a greater chance of receiving specific money.


How many years to take a mortgage?

Many buyers choose a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for one big reason: the lowest monthly fee. This is because you repay the loan for a long time, 30 years if you keep the loan until the end.

Here is an example: Let’s say you take a 30-year loan with a fixed interest rate of USD 200,000 with an interest rate of 4.10%. Your monthly payment, excluding taxes and insurance, will be around USD 966 per month. This is a relatively inexpensive payment.

Now let’s say you are considering a 15-year mortgage. If you borrow the same USD 200,000 with an interest rate of 3.20% in the form of a 15-year fixed-rate loan. Your monthly installment, again without taxes and insurance, would drop to around USD 1,400, which is a more discouraging figure. However, you will pay a higher monthly fee for only 15 years, compared to 30 years.

When does a 30-year mortgage make more sense?

When does a 30-year mortgage make more sense?

If your monthly cash flow is your biggest concern, or you earn commissions and your income is variable, a 30-year fixed-rate loan may be the best choice. Because this type of loan has the lowest monthly payment level, it also leaves more money to the budget each month.

A 30-year loan is a good way to enter a nice home with an affordable monthly fee. You can always pay your main balance faster by paying extra every month. However, you are not closed for a higher mortgage payment, you can pay more, but you only have to pay a lower monthly fee.

When does a 15-year mortgage make more sense?

When does a 15-year mortgage make more sense?

If you can afford a payment that comes with a short-term loan, such as a 15-year mortgage, a 30-year mortgage may not be a wise financial move. A 15-year fixed rate has mortgage rates that are 1% lower than a 30-year fixed-rate loan.

Nobody likes to pay mortgage interest. With a 15-year loan, you will save tens of thousands of dollars. You will pay much less to borrow money from your mortgage.

How long will you live at home?

How long will you live at home?

You should also consider how long you will live in your home. This can make a big difference in whether a 30-year or 15-year mortgage is best. If you plan to live in your home for a short period of time – say eight years or less – then a 30-year loan may make the most sense.

You benefit from lower monthly fees and you won’t have to pay such high interest because you will sell your home well before the loan repayment date. However, if you want to live at home for 15, 20 or more years, a 15-year loan may make more financial sense.

However, if you plan to live in your home for a long time, you might as well shave tens of thousands of the interest that you pay when you live there. An experienced loan specialist can help.


SMS instant messages – list of loans based on SMS

loan company offers you a payday SMS and you are wondering if using such a proposal is a good solution? This is probably a topic where different opinions may arise. However, one thing is certain – technical progress may surprise you.

SMS loan – what is it?

SMS loan - what is it?

Are you looking for an answer to the question of what is meant by an SMS loan? The matter is very simple, consider an online loan. To be precise, think about how you can define online loans.
Online loans are, of course, loans that are made online.

In the case of an SMS loan, receiving a loan is tantamount to receiving a specific message. Importantly, an SMS loan is a form of borrowing that is popular (it’s also important to remember that customers don’t have to talk about what money is needed for).

Which company grants loans by SMS?

Which company grants loans by SMS?

Are you interested in companies providing loans by SMS? In line with what has been said, the SMS loan is popular. As for the specifics, it rather does not make sense to refer to all companies, let’s focus on some examples – a great example is Smart Loan.
As for details, it is necessary to register in advance. When registration is complete, it’s time to send an SMS. Leave the number and content, it is not the most important thing at the moment – all you have to do is point out that the text of the SMS informs you about the amount, PESEL and the period for which the money is borrowed. What happens when I send a message? After sending the message, you must wait for a response from the lender (the message will contain the application code).
It is not difficult to guess that this is not all that should be remembered. Simply put – you still need a message that will confirm your submission. In addition, the message must be sent back within an hour.

It is also worth emphasizing that there are companies that offer loans via SMS, but these loans are not targeted at everyone (it cannot be ruled out that loans via SMS are only granted to regular customers).

Benefits of SMS loans

Benefits of SMS loans

Are you wondering what benefits arise from loans granted via SMS? Let’s go back to the very beginning of the text, specifically to the fact that technical progress may surprise you. After all, surprises are positive and negative, but in the case of SMS loans, the first situation occurs.

Anyway, a reference to online loans will once again be useful. Specifically, how can you compare online loans and stationary loans? An online loan is a huge convenience (compared to stationary points), there is no doubt about that.
It should be admitted, however, that some may have a slightly different opinion on this subject.

Why is this being said at this moment? The explanation is simple – an SMS loan is another convenience. This is not a big difference compared to online loans, but there are progress and the most important thing (it’s difficult to refer to details, companies have different proposals).


Withdrawal and resignation from the loan agreement

In the 21st century, more and more people are using the internet. As well as decides to shop online and many people borrow at non-bank companies. Often, people make decisions about payday loans too quickly in a sudden surge of adrenaline that extra money will be useful for a variety of things. Many people actually spend extra money on paying off overdue bills, car repairs, a doctor, shopping and other pleasures. However, there are also those who regret the payday loan and wonder how to withdraw from the loan agreement.

When we buy online in online stores, we have the right to a refund. If a product does not meet our expectations, we can also make a complaint. In the case of loans and installment loans, we can choose the option to withdraw from the contract.

Can you opt-out of the loan?

Can you opt-out of the loan?

The loan agreement is the most important element in the process of borrowing extra money. Each borrower has the right to withdraw from the loan agreement within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of its conclusion.

People who want to withdraw from the contract do not have to state the reason for their decision. The right to resign gives us the Consumer Credit Act. It does not matter which loan company the customer has used and whether it was an installment loan or so-called Online Payday loans. Everyone has the same right.

For the full effectiveness of withdrawal, it is necessary to inform the lender. For this purpose, we should prepare a statement and send it to the lender’s address or deliver it in person. When we send the document, choose a registered letter, preferably with confirmation of receipt. Please note that the date on the postmark is legible.

The preparation of the statement is not difficult

The preparation of the statement is not difficult

We should include first of all our and borrower’s data, date and put the formula: “I hereby withdraw from the loan agreement No. …”. The statement should also be hand-signed by the client.

In addition, if we withdraw from the loan agreement it means that we must also return the money. Then the customer is obliged to return the amount paid within 30 days of submitting a statement of withdrawal from the contract.

At the same time, the customer is also required to pay interest for the period from the date of disbursement of the loan to the date of repayment of the loan amount to the account. Information on the amount of interest for each day can be found in the loan agreement.

Borrowers’ rights


An extra cash injection is the only financial support for some people to finance urgent expenses. However, many people are not wondering how they will pay off their debts. They often think about whether you can withdraw from the loan agreement.

The only and most important document is a loan agreement, which we sign with a non-bank company. The contract should contain clearly defined parties to the contract, as well as their signatures. The first page of the contract should include the annotation who wants to borrow additional money, and the second page should state that the lender who gives the amount. In addition to signatures, the contract should also contain several key provisions. It is essential to:

  • determination of the type of liability, and therefore whether it is a short-term loan or an installment loan;
  • the amount of the commitment;
  • loan period;
  • loan costs;
  • and how to regulate the payment – whether it is a transfer to an account or another form of payment.

With such a well-described contract, we can avoid the risks associated with payday loans. From the documents, we can also find out whether there is a possibility of early repayment of the obligation, an extension of the deadline for regulating the acquired benefit or how to withdraw from the loan agreement.


Find the best credit broker mortgage loan

You need a home loan. What is the best way to find a credit broker for your mortgage loan? You have already found the answer, because you are on the right website! You complete the form and we will put you in touch with a credit broker in your area to arrange your mortgage loan. Is it really that simple?

A credit broker for your mortgage loan within 24 hours

money cash

Yes! It is really as simple as that. Complete this form and get the details of a credit broker in your area within 24 hours. Together you will make an appointment to discuss your mortgage loan. Afterwards you decide together to submit your request for a home loan.

Network of more than 500 active credit brokers in mortgage credit

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Credit Financing works with a network of more than 500 active credit brokers. Spread throughout Belgium. So there is always certainly one in your area. If you request the details of a credit broker, we will check two things:

  • What is it about? For example, we make a first selection based on the specialty of the credit broker.
  • Where do you live? This way we look further for a credit broker in your area.

We then transfer your data to this credit broker and ask him to contact you as soon as possible. This way he can start the procedure for your mortgage loan as quickly as possible.

Why does Credit Financing work with mortgage brokers?

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Why does Credit Financing work with credit brokers? Why not with your own bank agents? Credit Financing strongly believes in the independence of the credit broker. This only offers benefits for you.

What are the assets:

  • Credit broker is looking for the best solution for your mortgage loan
  • If your home loan with Credit Financing is refused, your credit broker can continue to search.
  • Your credit broker also ensures that you are properly insured.
  • Even if you have a question about your mortgage loan later, you can still contact your credit broker.
  • A credit broker makes time free for you. You are not a number but a person.
  • Together with us, he can work out a customized mortgage loan for you. You are central to us all.

For all these reasons, Credit Financing continues to work with independent credit brokers. Recently they also have to comply with some legal obligations such as following a course and obtaining recognition by the FSMA.


We can therefore only conclude that a credit broker is the best solution for your mortgage loan. Are you looking for a credit broker for your mortgage loan, then complete this form.